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Clinical guidelines and recommendations


Targeting on safe childbirth

In 2010, 287 000 women died during pregnancy and childbirth, some 2.6 million stillbirths occurred worldwide, and nearly 3 million newborns died within their first month of life. The majority of these deaths occurred in low-resource settings and most could have been prevented.

WHO has already managed to spread the use of surgical checklist to the operating theaters around the world, and now it has developed the pilot edition of safe childbirth checklist.

During the last three years SOAT has been looking ways to further improve safety of the mother and the newborn during the delivery. As a result Pirjo Ranta has developed a checklist to be used at the delivery rooms. The checklist is already been used daily at the Oulu University Hospital, and we are strongly recommending its use in every single maternity unit in Finland.

It takes only about a minute to go trough the checklist but it can help to discover the parturients that need more profound preparations in case something doesn't go as planned. That single extra minute used can sometime mean a difference between life and death.


Safe childbirth checklist

Safe childbirth checklist (pocket version)