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Past meetings



Fall meeting, Tartu, Estonia 6.-8.10.2011

Spring meeting, Split, Croatia 9.-11.5.2013



Tartu 6.-8.10.2011

Obstetric anesthesia in Estonia, Juri Karjagin

How to improve quality and safety of neuraxial obxtetric anesthesia, MD Ulla Sipiläinen

Neuraxial opioids and the newborn, MD Petter Kainu

Long-acting opioids in obstetric analgesia and the newborn, MD Merja Kokki

The Checklist for obstetric anesthesia to improve safety, MD Pirjo Ranta

Uterine atony: the etiology and management, view of the obstetrician, dos. Vedran Stefanovic

Split 9.-11.5.2013

Management of life thretening obstetric hemorrage by novel methods, dos. Vedran Stefanovic

Why mothers die world-wide / in Croatia? Damir Roje

Save the mother: Why not use the checklist? MD Pirjo Ranta

Croatian viewpoint for labour analgesia and anaesthesia, MD Dragica Kopic

Chronic pain after delivery, MD Petter Kainu

Anaesthetic care of drug abusing parturient, MD Johanna Sarvela

Anaesthesia outcome of non-elective caesarean section, MD Antti Väänänen